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Recommended sights

Especially on nice and hot days, a visit to the ice giants is recommended. Just then, the panoramic view from the entrance impresses far beyond the Salzach Valley, and the change between light and darkness is also particularly appealing in good weather.

MAI, JUNI, SEPT., OCT. last guide: 15.45
JULY, AUGUST. last guide: 16.45

The nature reserve Bluntautal is unique in its natural beauty and thus one of the most enchanting spots in the province of Salzburg. The crystal-clear waters of the Torrener Ache reflect a breathtaking mountain landscape and in the deep green lakes – surrounded by vast meadows – the brown trout cavort.

In every season, in any weather – the Bluntautal stirs the soul and offers a variety of recreational opportunities.

35km 0.45 hours n.A. Approach by Google Maps

From May 1st to October 31st there is a general ban on public transport on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 10.00 to 17.00. Vehicles of agriculture and forestry, handicapped, cyclists, Bärenhofes guests, buses and taxis are excluded!

St. Bartholomä
The landmark of the Königssee, can only be reached by boat. The world-famous pilgrimage church, whose first components from the 12th Century. are located on a picturesque peninsula. Adjacent is the adjoining former hunting lodge, which today serves as an idyllic inn.
There are even more special features: trumpet or flugelhorn sounds resound on the west side of the lake as an impressive echo.

The Königssee
which, with its good water quality, is considered one of the cleanest lakes in Germany, lies as an elongated mountain lake in the Berchtesgadener Land. Amidst imposing rocks, the lake is like a fjord and enchants with its emerald green color.

25km 0,30 hours n.A. Approach by Google Maps

Every year, visitors from all over the world visit the “most beautiful lake in the world”, as Hallstatt was once called by the explorer and world traveler Alexander von Humboldt at the beginning of the 19th century: From the market square in Hallstatt, you are only a few minutes’ walk away from one of the most beautiful photo spots Europe. It is the unique main view of Hallstatt, which is captured by eternal memories both in summery temperatures, and under a thick blanket of snow by enthusiastic tourists. But not only this unique photo point appreciated the short-term guests, but also the romantic streets, cozy cafes and the numerous small shops with souvenirs for the at home in all countries.

The jewel among the most popular destinations in Austria shines not only with its ancient history, but also through short distances. While in big cities you can often travel from one sight to another, in Hallstatt you can reach all the top sights in just a few minutes. This makes the place of longing in the heart of the Salzkammergut even more attractive to many.

80km 1.5 hours n.A. Approach by Google Maps

all year

Europe’s largest fully preserved castle greets anyone who approaches Salzburg. It assured the wealth and the rule of the Salzburg princes and archbishops for many centuries and was not once occupied by foreign troops. Already during the ascent or the ride with the fortress railway one gets a good impression of the power of this huge plant. A tour of the state rooms, chapels, armories and museums is definitely worthwhile. In addition, the view over the city and the mountains takes your breath away.

2km 0.5 hours (on foot) O-Bus-Line (22 to Altstadt) Approach on foot (side walk)

all year

Anyone who has ever seen Hohenwerfen Castle will not forget it. This is exactly how you imagine a knight’s castle as a child. The only thing that really makes it even more beautiful is that in the Salzach valley, surrounded by rock faces and situated on a hill above the river, you can feel how the Salzach trade routes could be monitored from there. The adventure castle is in excellent condition and brings the Middle Ages to new life. In addition, there are numerous concerts and festivals, especially in summer. The highlight of this castle is the falconry: it used to serve as a hunting lodge for the archbishops – until today birds of prey are trained here and presented at the air shows.

42km 0.45 hours n.A. Approach by Google Maps

all year

If you want to understand Salzburg, you have to understand the salt. Through this, the princes and archbishops gained wealth and for several centuries were able to secure the political power and cultural supremacy of Salzburg. In Hallein, however, salt has been mined for far longer: Already the Celts used the “white gold” 2,500 years ago to preserve food. The Dürrnberg is home to the world’s oldest visitor mine, which climbs from peak to peak with giant miners’ slides, racy railroad rides, enormous saline formations and a ride across the salt lake.

20km 0.5 hours Bus 170/Bus 41 (1.10 hours) Approach by Google Maps

all year

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